PPC Advertising

Pay-per click Advertising (or PPC) is very similar to search engine optimisation (SEO) in the way that website owners select specific keywords or phrases that describe their services or products. The major difference between PPC and SEO is that with PPC advertising website owners pay Google’s AdWords or Bing to have their website listed in the ‘Sponsored’ section of its results (normally at the top and down the right hand side of the page on top of a lightly shaded background).

In comparison to SEO which can take weeks or even months for optimised pages to work their way up the search results, PPC is a great way to get new products and services online and in front of millions of potential customers in a very short space of time (it can take as little as 15 minutes once a campaign has been set up). Website owners specify what text is displayed in their ad, how much they want to pay each time the ad is clicked and also what page the user is directed to.

I have a great deal of experience in working both alone and in conjunction with account specialists at Google AdWords in creating, optimising and maintaining campaigns containing several thousand keywords. Ensuring that relevant choice of keywords, ad copy and landing pages are selected is of vital importance. Running both PPC and SEO in conjunction with each should be seen as key to any successful search engine marketing campaign.

If you would like help, guidance or advice on pay per click (PPC) advertising for your website on Google or BING please get in touch.